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My econ adviser started our session by telling me I had really good grades and excellent prospects in the department so how could I be so stupid to not take the right stats class, not have taken calc 3 and linear algebra and econometrics and a few other math classes I had never heard of and that I needed to take a lot of econ abroad which is actually more intense than at Michigan and in a foreign language and that how on earth did I think I was going to achieve anything in life if I didn't do my econ major honors as well as Latin American Studies, and that no grad school would ever consider accepting me unless I have more math. Good thing I never intended to go to an econ grad program.

Basically I never want to go to econ advising again. I just want to go to my Latin American Studies advisor who suggests bars to go to in Santiago next year and talks about how cool it is to climb in the mountains of Peru. That sounds like a much better idea than econ courses in a foreign language.
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