Leigh (quazibeautiful) wrote,

I exist!

Hey remember the last time that I seriously updated? well neither do I.

So today I did a whole lot of nothing except read and run 7 miles, I've never done that before, it was a lot but it really seemed like something that I had to do, I have no idea why.

I'm trying to ignore that I have two impossible finals coming up and one really easy one. Econ 401, the name that strikes fear into well...everyone stupid enough to be an econ major aka me. It's pretty much the equivalent for econ people as orgo is to pre-med so needless to say STRESS and lots of stupid graphs that for some reason have the dependent variable on the x axis because economists take perfectly good math and kill it. Oh wait, that's also my stat class: math that has been murdered until it is barely recognizable.

At least those aren't for awhile. I have Spanish on Monday which is pretty much a joke. I have to answer questions about the characteristics of an essay and then write about a paragraph based on some question that will probably resemble "analiza el tipo do logica que usa eva peron en los obreros y yo" which is "analize the type of logic Eva Peron uses in 'The workers and I'" which is pretty much just boring.

I just want to go home, a bunch of people were done yesterday which isn't fair. Stupid Econs, they're both at the end of finals week so I won't be home until the evening of the 21st.

At least the next day I'm seeing SPAMALOT! yay.

OK, I'm done venting...
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I still can't figure out why you're a econ major. You were always such a sciencey person. You're the one who liked chem in 10th grade, and I'm the one who hated it. You took AP chem, and I did not. Yet- I'm the one majoring in it. Does this not strike you as odd?

I understand your finals stress though. I've had two of mine already. Physics today= LONG AND PAINFUL, and my professor forgot to give us the radius of something in one of the problems, which made it impossible to do, and I sat there staring at the problem for like half an hour before he came running into the room (actually, running) and wrote the mistake on the chalkboard. Lovely. But, back on point... I'm sure you'll do fabulously on your econ exam, as you always do. Good luck and I'll see you soon!
I'm going to see Spamalot on Sunday! I'm super excited to go see it.
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