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Halloween = AMAZING

So ignoring the less happy part of my weekend (overall it has thus far been rather awesome)

I have friends. Don't laugh because I've had friends here since my first day but I just realized that I have really close friends and that makes me really happy.

I think for me, the determining factor between a friend and a good friend is how and when you talk. It's easy to just hang out and chat about things in a big group but it is so different to just lie around with someone at 4am and discuss human nature and talk about your reactions to other people and everything that has happend. I love that I have people I can do that with becasue then I feel so at home here.

I am really coming to love the post party conversations when it's just a few of us chilling out in my room or becky's room with the food bin.

Eva asked me last night if I could imagine being anywhere else. And really for the first time in my life, I can't. This is where I belong right now and it's wonderful.

The only thing I would change is there are a lot of people I would like to transplant here to make it even better.

Look at me be happy. spooky.
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