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Students from the Sweatfree Coalition have said "Enough is enough." They have taken over President Coleman's office and won't leave until justice is served.

For eight years, the University has had a Code of Conduct for licensees. It states that manufacturers of University logo apparel must guarantee their workers do not labor under sweatshop conditions. Yet even the administration acknowledges that the Code is not working. Their answer: Years of inaction.

The Sweatfree Coalition demands that President Coleman take action today and join thirty other schools in signing on to the Designated Suppliers Program, the only proposal on the table the will ensure the Code is enforced.

What you can do:

Call President Coleman (734-764-6270) and voice your support for the students.

"My name is [INSERT NAME] and I am (from [CITY, STATE]) / (a student at [INSERT SCHOOL]).
"I'm calling today to express my solidarity with the University of Michigan Sweatfree campaign. I do not support the use of sweatshops in the production of University of Michigan apparel. I urge you to take immediate action against sweatshops by negotiating with students to develop a solution. President Coleman must sign the Designated Suppliers Program TODAY. Be a leader and set an example against sweatshops now!

Visit uofmsitin.com for info or to donate to our Legal Defense Fund.

Come out to the Cube and show your support for the Sweatfree Coalition and the Designated Suppliers Program.
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