Leigh (quazibeautiful) wrote,

Five things you probably don't know about me

Taged by trash-trash:

1. I can't use a lighter...seriously it just doesn't work, people have tried to teach me and I fail all the time. But it's ok because I don't need to light much of anything.

2. I still have a baby tooth.

3. I spent the majority of my adolescence wanting nothing more than to leave michigan and go far far away to college and then never come back. I've now decided that I want nothing more than to live and work in downtown detroit and am tailoring my career and education path to make that possible because let's face it, Michigan is just a really cool place.

4. I actually like my sisters. a lot. They are some of the coolest people in the history of the world and I don't give them nearly enough credit.

5. I secretly really like being an econ major. There are graphs and math and it all makes sense in a really bizarre way. Sometimes the graphs are even pretty. yeah that's right pretty econ graphs.

I tag the world. yeah that's right I'm being unspecific but most people already got it so have fun if you didn't
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I fell in love with Downtown this summer. It's really revitalizing, and it's a pretty cool place to be. Ultimately, I want to live in MI too (but that's not really a new development).