Leigh (quazibeautiful) wrote,

So today Mikey is hanging out in my room being mikey which means he is sitting on my lap and taking advantage of my food bin while Tori and I put numerous bobby pins and a headband in his hair (it was really pretty) So then he goes "hey, we're moving furniture to give me more head room, want to help?" Of course helping them move furniture is a bad idea so Darcy and I go to watch.

We took chairs out into the hallway and watched as 6 of the 4th floor guys majorly struggles at trying to re trundle the beds, lost the pins and dropped things on eachother. The only person who had any idea what he was doing was marco who no one listened to and tended to drop things on his feet, so marco hid in the closet while we continued to laugh at the spectacle. So finally they realize that they probably should have taken off the matress before moving the beds so they throw the mattress into the hall.

Big mistake.

Darcy and I then steal said mattress and sled down the stairs on it. Then we hid it on our floor. We thought about sending it up to 9th floor in the elevator but thought that was a little too mean.

So we go back upstairs they eventually realze that the mattress is missing and try and chase us down the hall, however we were too fast.

The moral of the story: mattress sleding = amazing and I like having my entries have morals.
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